Undergraduate | Areas of Emphasis

Painting & Drawing
There are two large studio spaces, over 1000 square feet each, utilized for a variety of painting and drawing courses from introductory level to advanced techniques and concepts. Emphasis is not only on production of works but the critical analysis of the subject. Also offered are courses involved in the investigation of contemporary issues in the mediums of painting and drawing by studying works of various modern and contemporary artists and writers.

Performance Art
Basic through advanced level courses build upon the exploration of objects, gesture, action, text, image and media to create narrative or non-narrative works. Elements related to the history and theory of performance art are discussed to illustrate techniques and styles.

The facility services both black & white and color photography courses with a group laboratory, individual dark rooms, mural darkroom and digital photographic processing. The facility also houses a large array of photographic equipment including a variety of cameras, lenses and lighting kits. Courses range from basic and non-tradition processing methods to advanced level black & white and color photography techniques.

Digital Filmmaking
Digital Filmmaking is comprised of a full range of facilities including a Video Stage, Stage 2 Lab, production equipment, post-production editing bays, voice over recording, and a sound editing suite. The new Video course track incorporates basic through advanced instruction and special topic courses into a complete video production series.

Electronic Art and Design
A wide array of resources exists for students interested in exploring critical and conceptual approaches to electronic art and design.  Facilities include two teaching laboratories equipped for web design, digital imaging, 3D modeling, motion graphics, interaction design, and realtime media.  In addition, the department hosts the Game Culture & Technology Lab, a research and development facility.  Schoolwide facilities include a digital arts homework lab, a complete motion capture studio, and an electronic music studio.

The sculpture studio encompasses a 2400 square foot wood working and lecture facility, a 900 square foot state of the art welding studio and open yard space for the production of large scale works. A large array of professional tools are available for the creation of complex sculptural elements. Courses range from basic sculpture to advanced level instruction using a variety of mediums including wood, metal and ceramic based sculpture.

Critical Theory
Studio Art encompasses a variety of artistic topics and methods with the emphasis not only on the production of works but also on the critical analysis behind and about art. Courses range from the introduction of contemporary and modern art and artists to in depth study of particular artistic processes and critique of student works. Basic core courses through advanced and special topic instruction exists to help the student develop a full and complete understanding of their perspective within the art community.