• October 5 - October 5
    A daring new exhibition by Lutz Bacher. The artist passed away earlier this year.
  • October 5 - October 5
    Beirut Lab: 1975(2020), Curated by Juli Carson and Yassmeen Tukan, will screen films by artists living in Beirut, a city where time bends and curves, as historical events float between the past, present and future in one’s mind.
  • November 19 - November 12
    Installation event takes place on Friday, November 15, 2019 in the Contemporary Arts Center Plaza
  • November 21
    Join artist George Herms in collaboration with jazz pianist Kei Akagi for "Moten Swing", a multimedia performance with the use of sculptural proofs and live music interpretations.
  • January 11 - March 14
    A series of new paintings by Austrian-born, Los Angeles based artist Katherina Olschbaur.
  • January 16 - February 1
    The 16th Annual Juried Undergraduate Exhibition presents the best of the undergraduate artist from the Department of Art.