• May 27
    Liz Goldner interviews Dean Stephen Barker along with profiling the several performances and event offerings from CTSA for the LA Weekly.
  • May 6
    Prof. Antoinette LaFarge's new book shares the story of American designer Louise Brigham and how living in Spitsbergen, Norway in 1906 sparked the beginning of prominent areas of contemporary furniture design.
  • March 13
    Not able to visit campus due to the Coronavirus? Take a tour online though UCI's Virtual Campus Tour.
  • May 25 - June 12
    Artist Highlights and Live Screenings of the artist’s work and production during the pandemic. The UAG will begin releasing content for their projects between May 25 - June 12, 2020.
  • June 3
    Visiting artists Natalie Delgadillo, Sacha Naschinski, Vickie Uyeda, Jose Martin, James Basilio, Mary Ann Lopez and Jordan Miller will be screening their work.
  • June 4
    The 11th annual festival celebrating the best student work produced in the Digital Filmmaking program.