'Urban Light': Everything you didn't know about L.A.'s beloved landmark

Chris Burden's "Urban Light" installation at LACMA has become one of the city's most popular landmarks and tourist attractions - and it's celebrating its 10th birthday. For its' tenth anniversary they have announced that the display is now LED lights savi

The artwork, one of the city's most popular landmarks, turns 10 this month. To mark its first decade, the museum has switched from incandescent light bulbs to LEDs, a birthday gift from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

It’s something that the late Burden’s wife, Nancy Rubins, said would have pleased the artist.

“Chris was a super proponent of the environment and that LEDs can be found, now, to the exact same light and intensity and color and tone that the initial light bulbs gave off, I think it would be marvelous for him,” she said. “Because that’s what drew him to the piece. It was light.”