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Students at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts explore the human experience through a variety of creative avenues by using skills as classically trained fine artists, but also through emerging technology and media. Students from all four departments have access to a range of media that allows them to reshape how art is created and experienced. We asked a few students who are utilizing these tools and spaces to share with us.

For this article, we interviewed Corey Cao Nguyen from the Department of Art.

Corey Cao Nguyen

Department of Art
B.A., Film and Media Studies (Humanities), Minor in Digital Filmmaking
Anticipated graduation, Spring 2020

Career Goals: "I hope to continue my work as a cinematographer. I want to keep shooting international documentaries and give a voice to underrepresented minority groups by sharing their stories."

Last summer, Corey Nguyen was chosen to participate in a joint partnership between the Department of Art’s DigiFilm program and Social Ecology called the Global Service Scholar program. Nguyen traveled to South Africa with a group of 10 UCI undergraduate researchers to make a documentary. During that time, Nguyen worked at different sites focused on community activism and social justice, jumping between taxis and Uber rides to capture the crucial moments. “I spent the most time at a Women’s Empowerment Farm called the Sakulwhazi Women’s Hub,” recalled Nguyen. “At the farm, the founder, a loving black woman named Momma Rose, started the Sakulwhazi Hub as a way to teach women how to farm and bead to create generational wealth for local Cape Town women.” Nguyen spent the time in Cape Town, both filming and exploring the natural beauty of South Africa. He is currently working through several hours of footage to tell a compelling story.

Tell us about the technology you use: "On the last trip, I took a C100 and Canon Lens package from the Digital Filmmaking program. This year, having seen my work from the previous year, Canon offered to sponsor my trip, providing me with a loaned C300 camera and lenses from Canon Burbank. The technology and support from Canon were crucial to capturing the stunning beauty of Cape Town. I’m incredibly grateful to Aaron McNally from Canon Burbank for arranging the package. For editing, I utilize the post-production facilities in the Digital Filmmaking Post-Lab for all footage cutting and sound mixing services".

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