The radical possibilities of a box

By Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson for Curbed Online Magazine

"Brigham became a minor celebrity during her lifetime—regularly contributing articles to popular magazines like Ladies’ Home Journal and displaying rooms of box furniture inside model homes and at international exhibitions—but like so many pioneering women, her contributions were left out of design histories. Now, a fresh account of Brigham’s life and work comes courtesy of Antoinette LaFarge, a professor of art at the University of California, Irvine. In her new book, Louise Brigham and the Early History of Sustainable Furniture Design, LaFarge writes of how “several prominent areas of contemporary design trace back to, or through, Brigham’s project: especially recycled-materials design, low-impact design, do-it-yourself design, multifunctional design, and modular design. Indeed,” LaFarge adds, “it would not be too much to call her a progenitor of the sustainable design movement.”

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