FADA (Film-Arts-Drama Alliance) club produces "Zot Zot Land" to celebrate the Arts at UCI

Watch the Behind the Scenes Film -> https://youtu.be/lfAVKM4kU70

Arts students from University of California, Irvine came together to put their spin on La La Land's "Another Day of Sun!" 80+ students and mentors were involved in the film project that included newly recorded instrumentals, vocals, lyrics, along with new choreography.  The film was produced by the Film-Arts-Drama-Alliance (FADA) at UCI specifically for the 18th annual Zotfest film festival at UCI.  The team wanted to create a "Soft Opening" film that would unite the students together for one large project. With the teamwork from Paper Sketch Media, FADA, and UCI Illuminations, they were able to pull resources together to bring the project "Zot Zot Land" to life! Filmmakers, Designers, Singers, Dancers, Actors, Musicians, Sound Specialists, and much more talented people worked hard for two months on the project with only two days of shooting. The cast and crew consisted of people of all different experience levels teaching each other while making the film happen. The film is a representation of students collaborating to create something beyond their limits while doing something they love. More on FADA, visit www.fadauci.com.


Peter the Antreader: Samuel Barke

SOLOIST (In Order of Appearance)
Jennifer Holcombe
William Jeng
Ilana Degann
Caroline Jones
Harris Banneck
Ashley Rose

Alyssa Corella, Kenai Gonzales, Amanda Jacobsen, Disha Jagtap, Lilla Lavanakul, Hannah Limon, Neil Mabini, Marco Miranda, Laelia Nguyen, Elijah Punzal, Syrus Sadvandi, Adam Timms, Sonya Wong

Amanda Jacobsen, Isabella Zell, Issi Shumski, Makeila Lee, Anna Reiser, Isabella Keegan, Kerry Vang, Hannah Limon, Lilla Lavanakul, Elijah Punzal, Disha Jagtap, DJ GRIM OF KUCI, Timothy Harvey

Shannon Funderburk, Jessica Silagi, Laelia Nguyen, Benjamin Leider, Kathleen Davies, Melissa Kleeburg, Falisha Nguyen, Cecilia Qian, Austin Si, Robert C.A. Sabino, Andres R Munoz, Blaine Sayre, Bria Doster, Leif Shen, Michele Ajimine, Danielle Kim, William Jeng, Thomas Lee


Directed By: Ryan Gonzales
Concept By: Ryan Gonzales, David Ngo, Blaine Sayre
Producer: Isaiah Walk
Executive Producer: Sabrina Yunus
Director of Photography: Alan Chung
Production Designer: Corey Jung
Editors: Luodawei Xiao, Abigail Coffing, Theone Ly
Associate Producers: Chuong Nguyen, Christopher Liu
Costume Designer: Crystal Keo
Music Director/Composer/Lyricist: Blaine Sayre
Dance Choreographer: Linzey Elizabeth Guerra
Music Sound Engineers: Ningru Guo, Brandon Wong
1st Assistant Director: Kevin Que
2nd Assistant Director: Austin Quon
3rd Assistant Director: Osvaldo Reyes

1st Assistant Camera: Chris Mims
2nd Assistant Camera: Jessica Lin
Ronin OPs: Jorge Montoya, Alan Chung
Ronin Remote OP: Isaiah Walk
Dolly Grip: Jorge Montoya
Jib Operator: Samuel Barke
Grips: Samuel Barke, Austin Quon, Joanne Ducot
Camera PAs: Theone Ly, Henry Liu, Beatrice Andong, Julius Jean Daniel Beronio

Production Design Grips: Jose Villanueva, Phillip Arroyo Long, Joanne Ducot
Balloon Wranglers: Jose Villanueva, Phillip Arroyo Long, Paul Jaeyun Song
Production Design PAs: Bria Doster, Alexander Saguna, Abigail Coffing, Theone Ly. Paul Jaeyun Song, Jessica Silagi, Shannon Funderburk, Osvaldo Reyes, Leif Shen, Julius Jean Daniel Beronio, Beatrice Andong

Post Production Supervisor: Ryan Gonzales
Visual Effects: Ryan Gonzales
Colorist: Jorge Montoya
Graphics and Art: Abigail Coffing
DITs: Luodawei Xiao, Abigail Coffing

Drums: Spencer Reynen
Trumpet: Pete Young
Piano/Strings: Blaine Sayre
Tenor Sax: Bryce John St. Peter
Alto Sax: Danny Cho
Bass: Dylan Juhan

Supervising Film Sound Editor: Ryan Gonzales
Film Sound Design: Julius Jean Daniel Beronio, Paul Jaeyun Song
Film Sound Mixer: Ryan Gonzales

Bria Doster
Alexander Saguna
Paul Jaeyun Song
Julius Jean Daniel Beronio
Leif Shen

Director's Production Assistant: Alex Saguna

Jessica Lin
Christopher Liu
Austin Quon

The Original Cast and Crew of "La La Land" for inspiration!
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UC Irvine Film and Media Studies
Vincent Olivieri
UC Irvine Sound Design Program
PaperSketch Media
Walkie Talkie Productions
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The Student Center and Event Services
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