Emeritus News: Take the Drama Away

Ulysses Jenkins’ “Sobriety” videotape 5.45′ to become “master of the world and of himself”

by Rosanna Albertini | June 29, 2023

The griot* is back. And his stories take off from the planet of facts fused into news and sculpted by useless words chasing a truth which is refused —by those who first of all need to believe. The planet is sad, violent, run across by feral humans. The same as always, since the beginning of writing that created history. 

The planet is where the griot lives. As if he were blind, the griot becomes a living echo. Bumping into the walls of the public insanity and returning to his body through waves of clarity and sobriety. Waiting for him are the phantoms of his mind: phantasmagorical images of water and air, desert and flowered land: the state of nature of his soul.

Video images make his body an empty shell as if the griot in him had asked to turn into time, in the span of a dream. He can multiply because other smart humans have created special effects, and walk under water — a small person among enormous fish. Or, he can simply enjoy daily routines: that’s life! 

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