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Drawing & Painting

There are two large studio spaces, over 1000 square feet each, utilized for a variety of painting and drawing courses from introductory level to advanced techniques and concepts.

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The facility services both black & white and color photography courses with a group laboratory, individual dark rooms, mural darkroom and digital photographic processing. The facility also houses a large array of photographic equipment including a variety of cameras, lenses and lighting kits.

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Catalyst Gallery

Catalyst Gallery

Catalyst is a student led gallery featuring the work of Studio Art undergraduates.

ACT Building, 2nd Floor

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The sculpture studio encompasses a 2400 square foot wood working and lecture facility, a 900 square foot state of the art welding studio and open yard space for the production of large scale works. A large array of professional tools are available for the creation of complex sculptural elements. Courses range from basic sculpture to advanced level instruction using a variety of mediums including wood, metal and ceramic based sculpture.

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The Departmental of Art's roster of core faculty reflects the interdisciplinary character of its program. The Department of Art is comprised of a group of artists and arts professionals with an exceptionally broad range of emphases.  While artists with strengths in traditional media are well-represented, many of the department's faculty work across media, in emerging genres and media, in ancillary fields such as exhibition curating and critical theory, as well as in arenas not normally associated with art production, such as education and publishing.  The Department of Art is thus able to privilege both the impulse to bring new creative work into the world as well as the capacity for reflection necessary for understanding its meaning and impact. 

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graduate | requirements

- 108 units over a three-year course of study are required.

- Students must take a minimum of 12 units per quarter.

- Residency is required.

FIRST YEAR - 36 units required
Art 210: First Year Graduate Seminar (Fall)

Art 220: Graduate Seminar: Issues in Contemporary Art (Winter)

Art 230: Graduate Group Critique (3 courses; must take one course per quarter)

Art 240: Interdiscipinary Projects (3 courses; must take one course per quarter)

Art 215: Graduate Seminar: Interdisciplinary Studies in Art and Culture, or Art 251: Special Topics Seminar (in Winter or Spring)

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graduate | admissions

JANUARY 15 - for applications to the MFA in Art


Applicants for admission to the MFA program must meet the general requirements for admission to graduate study, hold a BA or BFA, and have completed one year of Twentieth-Century Art History (students who have not completed this will be required to do so as part of their graduate studies). In addition, for applications to the MFA in Art, a portfolio of creative work must be submitted by January 15.


1. Complete the Online Application for Graduate Admissions, which includes submission of a Statement of Purpose and three (3) letters of recommendations (recommenders must submit letters via online application).


2. Submit a portfolio

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undergraduate | requirements

Departmental Requirements for the Major

  • Art 1A-B-C (taken the first year in residence);
  • Art 9A and 11A;
  • one course from Art History 40A, 40B, 40C, 42A, 42B, 42C or 42D;
  • four lower-division courses selected from Art 20-99; and
  • six upper-division courses from:
    Art 100-115 (no more than three courses in this category); and
    Art 130-195 (minimum of three courses in this category)
  • two issues courses chosen from Art 116-129 or any Art 100 with "Issues" in its title.

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