‘Lint Lady,’ Long Beach artist Slater Barron dies at 89

UCI alum and Long Beach resident Slater Barron makes art out of lint. photo: Steve Zylius/UCI.

By Asia Morris, Long Beach Post

From abstract lint paintings and life-sized installations to bite-sized works mimicking plates of upscale sushi in her series Chef’s Special, artist Slater Barron found joy in using a material most would consider worthy only of discarding: lint.

Known as the “Lint Lady,” the Long Beach artist passed away at her home on May 30, she was 89.

Barron began using lint as an art medium in 1975 when doing laundry for her four teenagers had started interrupting her painting time.

“They say, if you’ve got lemons, make lemonade, and the dryer was buzzing at me constantly when my teenagers were changing their clothes so often, so I started to make it work for me instead of against me,” Barron told Huell Howser in 2008.

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