A Lantern for Many Lives

MFA Thesis Exhibitions, Class of 2021

A Lantern for Many Lives

Works by Eugenia Barbuc, André Comtois, Ian Dolton-Thornton, Ivy Guild, Luis Moreno-Napoles, Laura Solomon


Aug 1 - Sep 1, 2021


Exhibit spaces (closed to public):
Contemporary Arts Center (CAC Gallery)
Room Gallery
University Art Gallery (UAG)

The MFA in Art cohort of 2021 conceived their thesis projects and exhibitions apart, divided in distance and divided also in time. The summer exhibitions comprise of six from a cohort of nine: three of their number will hold their thesis exhibitions in the fall of 2021. As an exhibition title, A Lantern for Many Lives reflects multiple registers of the cohort’s preservation of itself as a group by choice more than circumstance, while in occupation of shifting ground.

Ian Dolton-Thornton
Personal Effects
University Art Gallery
Personal Effects is an exhibition of new works by Ian Dolton-Thornton. These include ballpoint pen drawings, a carpet and a lover’s knot formed with the US Consumer Price Index expenditure categories. The exhibition addresses how materiality and function shape places in daily life.

Laura Solomon
a beautiful song about incontinence neglect  
Room Gallery
a beautiful song about incontinence neglect is a musical setting of  text about institutional elder care, structured as a choral work sung by the artist.

Ivy Guild
The Keeling 
CAC Gallery
keel (v): to fall over, collapse, or capsize 
Keeling Curve (n): a daily record of global atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration maintained by Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego (keelingcurve.ucsd.edu)
The Keeling (2021) is an amalgamation of aloe corpses with steel prosthetics, speculative organisms, and contemporary fossils. The works in the exhibition probe the pre-PTSD of the Sixth Great Extinction and the artifacts we may leave in our wake as a ruinous race.

Eugenia Barbuc
Transfer &&, & Reassembled
Room Gallery
Traces of conversations, blueprints and strings that reach outwards, towards one another. Keeping placeholders for latent signals that are somewhere behind or ahead of us. Fragments of an invisible assembly, or better still, mermaid signs for Natterville and drawing suns for impossible video games. | Eugenia Barbuc, James Basilio, Eylese Davis, Natalie Delgadillo, Rachel Finkelstein, Andrea Hidalgo, Jules Marasa in conversation. 

Luis Moreno-Napoles
Days in Different Cadences
CAC Gallery

By Estela Moreno and Luis Moreno
Day after day for a small moment, just a couple of seconds, we attempt to navigate this brutal world by standing still in embrace. We hold each other in an attempt to care for each other, to stop each other from individually and repeatedly reciting our own eulogies. 

André Comtois
Each a Different How
University Art Gallery
Through unique characters and settings, and across animation and painting, Each a Different How operates in the place between frames. With reference to cartoons and film, the works present familiar surroundings and mundane encounters charged with a sense of movement, sequence and narrative.

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