Application to the Minor in Digital Filmmaking

Minor in Digital Filmmaking Application 2021-22


​The Minor in Digital Filmmaking is a hands-on, creative filmmaking program that values diverse voices and underrepresented stories.

Things to know before you apply:

  • the number of applicants accepted in 2021-22 will be based on available funding for courses
  • priority is given to Art majors
  • on average it takes 3 years to complete the minor 
  • course materials fees are required for all courses (typically $65-100 per course), and some courses require the purchase of additional personal items (e.g., external hard drives, film set safety gloves)
  • filmmaking is a time and labor intensive art form, production and projects courses require significant work time outside of regular class meetings

This online application:

  • is open to all UC Irvine undergraduate students, and incoming Freshman students
  • is required for all applicants
  • does not require work samples nor prior filmmaking experience
  • includes a video statement of purpose, so
    • take care in preparing your statement of purpose
    • if you are a junior or senior, you must address how you will complete the minor prior to graduation


  • is on a competitive basis
  • is limited due to program capacity
  • status of application will be sent via email in Spring, Week 7
  • late applications will be reviewed only if space allows

Once admitted:​

  • become a part of the community, come to program events, participate in activities, field trips
  • be prepared to work

Additional Info:
UCI Digital Filmmaking
Student Affairs Office - Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Contact Info
Current Address
Permanent Address
If you are an incoming or transfer student, indicate so. Use your GPA at your current or most recent academic institution or use NA where necessary.
We require that all questions below be answered in a 2 MINUTE video statement. We recommend crafting your answers before filming. Why are you applying to the Minor in Digital Filmmaking? There are so many other things to do, why make films? Give us a clear picture of how you see the world and what is important to you. What draws you to filmmaking as an area of study? How do you expect the minor might contribute to your education and your career goals? Discuss relevant life experience, extracurricular activities or work experience that you feel is applicable. **We want to hear about your passion, what drives you. Avoid general statements.**
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