UCI Showcase at the NBFF 2019 - Submission Form

Each year Digital Filmmaking represents UC Irvine at the Newport Beach Film Festival with a program called the UCI Showcase. The work in this showcase is drawn from the best works produced in the Digital Filmmaking program and is a major celebration of the creative work of our students. The submissions are made to the DigiFilm program, and selection of films in the UCI Showcase is programmed by the DigiFilm faculty. The Newport Beach Film Festival is a major international festival, and being selected for the showcase is a wonderful opportunity and an important step in the launching of your career as a filmmaker.

In order to be considered for the UCI Showcase you must meet and agree to the following terms:

1. Your film must have been made for course work in the DigiFilm program.

2. You must have signed releases from all actors.

3. You must have legal clearances for all music with signed agreements. No illegal music is allowed.

4. Recommended length for films is 5 minutes or less. 7 minutes is considered maximum. Films longer than 10 minutes will be not be considered.

5. BY SUBMITTING THIS FORM YOU ARE AGREEING that if you are selected for the UCI Showcase YOU WILL ATTEND THE UCI SHOWCASE AT THE NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL, you will participate in press events, press interviews and social video promotions. If you fail to do this, or fail to deliver required changes or deliver in proper file formats, we retain the right to pull your film from the showcase.


To be considered, each film needs to submit this form, and deliver the film and still image files to Grant Speich​ by Friday, February 15 at 2pm.

  • film in this file format:
    • file name: Lastname_FirstName_Movie_Title.mov
    • ProRes 422
    • 1920x1080
    • 24p (23.98)
    • Audio - AAC or WAV
    • credits must comply with the Credit Sequence Guidelines
  • a captivating still for press/publicity: this is used for festival catalogue and press articles
    • choose an image with good dynamic range, avoid overly dark images
    • file name: LastName_FirstName_Movie_Title
    • 1920x1080
    • 2 versions: RGB, 72 dpi, jpg  &  CMYK, 300 dpi, tiff
    • if you don't know how to convert your image in Photoshop, please see Grant before submitting
Total Running Time - Minute Count
Total Running Time - Seconds
use if all functions by one person
ALL music must be licensed for this professional international film exhibition.
First Last, First Last,
A single log line synopsis. Clear, simple, strong. Make the audience want to see your film.