Tuesday, January 27, 2015 - 16:01

Visiting artist Hanna Wildow give performance lecture and seminar
Affective Breaks - Tentative Acts of Translation
Wednesday, January 28, 2015 | 3:30PM - 5:50PM
ART 160

Hanna Wildow, artist, writer, curator and scholar will visit UCI to give a lecture on her ongoing research project "Affective Breaks’. Hanna Wildow is the Executive Director of – a discursive platform for choreographic practices founded by the Swedish-Italian choreographer Cristina Caprioli, currently preparing the orchestration of the choreographic conference CHOREO_DRIFT / CHOREO_CRIP in Los Angeles, 2016.

‘Affective Breaks’ is an ongoing research project through which Hanna Wildow collaboratively processes linguistic, political and emotional aspects of translation. Through performative inquiries; social, context and text based work engendered as lectures, video, sound, books and installations, she investigates and explores dimensions of translation, while at the same time embodying and performing them. Wildow’s interest in translation concerns the movement and displacement that can be found in languages - shiftings, breakages, slippages and gaps. She examines these spaces in between: between words, cultures, bodies, in search of places where language reaches its own limits and stops itself; becomes lost, skewed, queer.

For her visit to UCI, Hanna Wildow will give a performance lecture and a participatory seminar on her project.  Through this, she will guide participants through her interests in and desires for erased stories and silenced narratives, while at the same time collectively orchestrating an attempt to push languages present in the room to places in between. The event is divided into three parts (1. Lecture performance 2. Performance lecture, 3. Participatory seminar), all open to the public and free, but number of participants are limited so if you are not a student of Litia Perta's Art 101, please RSVP to The event will be given with the kind support of Guesthaus Residency.

Reading instructions:
“Variations on the Right to Remain Silent”, by Anne Carson, from A Public Space, Issue 7 / 2008. Full article can be found here:

“A Cat in the Throat - on bilingual occupants”, from Jacket 37, early 2009. Full article can be found here:

Further reading suggestions:
Lavish Absence: Recalling and Rereading Edmond Jabés, by Rosmarie Waldrop. Middletown: Weslyan University Press, 2002.

In 2006 Hanna Wildow co-founded the queer feminist non-profit arts organization Idyll and in 2009 she cofounded the frequently awarded Swedish headquarters for contemporary queer and feminist art, known as Högkvarteret. She has directed numerous events and projects and has presented in spaces such as The New Museum (New York), Konsthall C (Stockholm), Silvershed (New York), PitchWise (Sarajevo), Malmö Konsthall (Malmö), Renseriet (Stockholm), Eggeby Gård (Stockholm), Studio44 (Stockholm), Platform Stockholm, Detroit (Stockholm), Konstfack Gallery (Stockholm), Design Hall (Stockholm). Hanna Wildow is the author of books such as De starka, stolta kvinnornas berg (2014), Malin Hellkvist Sellén – Works 2003-2010 – Texts by Hanna Wilde in collaborative translation with Litia Perta (2013), It is not over (2012), she is the coeditor of the book In the Act – a Sprawling Space for performance (2012), and has written for publications such as Randy, Capricious, Kom Ut, BON, Fria Tidningar, Ful and Lärarnas Tidning. In 2014 Hanna Wildow was a resident at Ellen Keys Residency in Ödeshög, Sweden, and in conjunction with her visit to UCI she will be the resident of Guesthaus, Los Angeles.

Image: Documentation of performance installation ”Mapping Mourning”, Konstfack Gallery (2014).