Deconstructing Diversity Initiative + DigiFilm Doc Project

Application Due by 1pm on Friday, February 22, 2019

Digital Filmmaking is pleased to announce we are partnering with the UCI Deconstructing Diversity Initiative. We will be selecting a DigiFilm student documentary filmmaker to join the DDI Program to travel across the United States to document the activities of the students in the program for ten days over Spring Break. The team leaves March 21 and returns March 31.

Deconstructing Diversity Initiative (DDI) was founded in 2015 with seed money from the UC Irvine Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture & Inclusion to address concerns about the campus racial climate. DDI was inspired by the Olive Tree Initiative's experiential learning model. A cohort of students are chosen each year to take part in an intensive DDI seminar series and then travel to sites of historical and contemporary importance to the experience of race in America. By pairing classroom learning with travel experience across the States, DDI provides college students as well as community and campus participants the education, training and experiences that enable them to better understand, negotiate and resolve racial and ethnic tension.

If selected as a DigiFilm Documentary Filmmaker, you will travel for ten days during Spring Break to sites in Chicago, Washington D.C., and numerous cities in southern states, ending in New Orleans before returning to SoCal. Housing, transportation and meals are provided.

A brief outline of the project:

  • Operate as a team of two documentary filmmakers
  • Document students interacting with the local community, historical sites, conduct interviews, capture b-roll
  • During travel, send to DigiFilm & DDI, 30-45 second video pieces for social media
  • Work in the field with a Canon C-100 and or a Canon 5D with a micro film package with a lens, microphones, batteries, laptop and multiple hard drives
  • Maintain daily backups, following data safety protocols like storing hard drives in separate places
  • Maintain and track all gear, working to avoid loss

Before Traveling:

  • Attend as some evening sessions on Wednesday night to meet and get to know the DDI students/program

Upon Returning:

  • Spring 2019, enroll in Art 199 Independent Study with Professor Yonemoto and produce a final film due by the end of the quarter
  • Meet regularly with Profesor Yonemoto to update status of project, show cuts, take crit
  • complete a documentary film with 
  • Present working cuts for regular review by DigiFilm and DDI faculty and staff
  • Submit the film for inclusion in the UCI DigiFilm Festival, Spring 19

Required Courses to be completed before travel:

  • 81A Production I
  • 81B Production II
  • 108 Documentary

We encourage you to review the DDI website for more information about the DDI program.


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